Organizing Your Retail Space – Pt 1

As a business owner, you strive to make business operations as easy and simple as possible. From hiring and staffing to supplier contracts and more, your business runs more smoothly when you work smarter, not harder. The same can be said for your physical retail space. With inventory stacked high, seasonal orders, or high demand, storerooms and customer retail spaces can quickly become cluttered. If your processes need organizing, the same can be said for your physical goods. Let’s explore why:

Better Utilization of Your Space

Oftentimes storerooms fill up quickly and feel tight or even impossible to move around in. When this happens, you have no choice but to use customer store front as storage and no customer wants to shop or relax in a storage unit. Regular organization and decluttering of your space allows you the opportunity to maximize your space, keep your storefront clear of clutter, and keep your customers and staff happy.

Help Control Your Inventory

A growing business has growing needs and oftentimes, growing inventory. Keeping your inventory in check and properly organized can feel like a full-time job. By adding a manageable organization system to your inventory and storeroom, you cut down time searching for items and cut down over ordering.

Ease Your Financal Worries

In moments when you can’t find what you need, you assume you’re out or everything up front is the last of your stock. Without an organization system in place, you might simply have stock in unexpected places or hidden from view. This can lead to over ordering and additional overhead for your business. Keeping your stock nice and tidy prevents this financial burden and keep you on track.

Improve Customer Experience

A rule of thumb in business is stellar customer service/experience. So much of retail business is referral based and by keeping your customers happy and coming back, they provide you with new customers and growing profits. An organized storefront and storeroom allow you the ability to deliver on customer expectations and provide them with an experience they want to share.

Now that we’ve explored the WHY behind organizing your retail space, tune in next week for tips on HOW to organize your space from the team at Simple Living.

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