Folding vs. Hanging: How to maximize your closet space

The age-old debate: should I hang it or fold it? For some items in our closets, like bulky sweaters, the answer seem clear. But what about our old college t-shirts or the 50 pairs of jeans shoved in drawers? How do we make the most of the space we have, regardless of how big or small our closets may be? Whether you just went shopping, did a load of laundry, or are looking to refresh your space, check out some of our suggestions on when to fold and when to hang.



Denim might seem a bit controversial here as it’s a casual item that holds its shape and hardly wrinkles. However, it’s bulky nature once folded seems like wasted space to us so we recommend hanging your jeans alongside all other casual and dress pants. (Check out this pant organizer for ultimate space saving)

folded pants

Light, flowy fabrics

We think broadly when it comes to this category because it includes so many different types of clothing items including linen and most dresses and blouses. We pay attention to clothes that wrinkle easily, don’t hold their shape well when folded, or require steaming regardless of how they are stored. Any item falling in this category should be hung.

dresses in closet


They’re big, they’re bulky. Do they even fold? This one is a no brainer when it comes to puffer and wool coats but what about thin or more structured jackets? We say: hang them all. If you plan to hang some of one type of item, hang all that type of item. If you hide some away in a drawer, chances are you’ll forget about them.


Bulky, thick sweaters

It can be tempting to hang your sweaters and if that fits your lifestyle, go for it. We prefer folded sweaters that sit neatly on open shelving inside the closet for easy viewing and accessibility without taking up valuable hanging or drawer space. We also find that hanging heavy sweaters can lead to misshaping of the fabric over time.

Bonus: grab one of our favorite sweater bins (this one or this one) to contain your sweaters and keep things tidy between wears.

folded sweaters


Need we say more? When it comes to folding your shorts, find a method that maximizes your drawer space. If you have deep drawers, try file folding them for greater visibility. For shallow spaces, a stacked approach might be best.


Two words for you: file fold. Being thin in nature, activewear is best folded file style for maximum space and visibility. Utilizing acrylic bins to contain like items inside your drawers will keep things tidy between workouts.

Hang or Fold

We mentioned a college t-shirt collection earlier because let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a pile of old t-shirts they just can’t get rid of? For some, casual t-shirts are a wardrobe staple and having them easily accessible and hung for visibility is the way to go. For others who occasionally reach for their spouses’ oh-so-soft college shirt circa ’95, folding away in a drawer will do the trick.

Whichever method you invoke, find what works best for you while keeping these tips in mind for maximum storage and accessibility.

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