A Simple Way to Organize Your Day to Day

Post Its, Legal Pads, phones apps, and more. You could say to do lists are an age-old tradition at the heart of keeping one’s life organized. In today’s modern age, we still depend on them and for good reason. The benefits alone are worth adopting the practice if you haven’t already.

To do lists heighten your productivity

Creating lists that provide you with a clear view of all the important tasks at hand allows you the ability to prioritize to dos and tackle them in a clear and orderly manner. Oftentimes, we attempt to complete tasks while getting sidetracked by other, smaller tasks. Prioritizing tasks keeps you on track to complete them more quickly.

We suggest, when becoming sidetracked by small tasks, add them to your list to revisit and remain focused on your larger priorities.

To do lists add motivation to mundane tasks

Let’s face it, tackling your to do list isn’t always exciting. It’s typically filled with items you’ve put off for some time or that you genuinely haven’t had time for. Adding these tasks to a list allows you the satisfaction of physically checking them off one by one, watching your workload disappear before you. Seeing a decreased workload inherently motivates us to keep going till the work is done.

To do lists strengthen your memory

Have you ever noticed how you seem to magically forget things you need to do if you don’t tackle them right away? It’s a bit infuriating. Keeping a checklist handy where you can add new to dos allows you to free up that space in your mind for other important things.

It’s also often said that we are five times more likely remember the things we’ve written down. Taking notes in school, tracking to dos in a list, writing down memories… all of these things help our brains store facts for longer periods of time and with more clarity.

To do lists relieve stress

When you simply can’t remember what it is you needed to do, you rack your brain for the task. Suddenly, it’s the day that bill is due you meant to pay but you forgot. Talk about stressful! Writing down our to dos gives us some peace of mind that the important tasks in life will be taken care of. What could be better than that?

Tools to build your lists

It’s all fine in theory, but what’s the best way for YOU to track your to dos? Everyone is different but luckily, we’ve been given so many different options in today’s modern age.

Checklists App

While there are so many different apps to choose from, here are some of our favorite freemium apps for your to do lists:

  • Evernote
  • Apple Notes
  • Google Tasks

Let’s not forget good old fashion sticky notes and notepads that get the job done just right! Companies like Post It have adapted with the times to create some aesthetically pleasing and useful tools for the organized note taker. We highly recommend checking out Post It’s Noted Collection available at Target!

What Our Team Says

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